Vanessa Koscho - Director of Marketing

Vanessa began her career at NAC in 2007 as a Marketing Researcher. It soon became clear that she was ready to take on more responsibility. In fact, this young spitfire was ready to spearhead the entire department. She became Director of Marketing just one year later. In this position, Vanessa took over the development of a fairly new marketing department. She is now responsible for the conception and implementation of marketing plans and projects for new/existing services. She oversees the creation and completion of all company mailings including post cards, newsletters and brochures. She recently executed a new concept, wrote content and coordinated the design for the company website. In addition to this, she manages the daily actions of nine sales associates through the CRM system.

Vanessa has a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She loves Ketchup so much she named her cat, Heinz. She named her Maine Coon, Lucy, after another favorite, Lucille Ball. Vanessa enjoys spending time at the beach, being tan and a good pair of flip-flops. You’ll know if she likes you if a cat turns up with your name.

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